Engage Your Web Users in Real Time with Notifo

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For the most part your web application engages the people using it (you should call them customers) directly as they navigate the application.  That works fine while they’re actually using your application but what do you do when you need to tell them something and they’re off doing something else?

There’s a few things you can do and each has it benefits and drawbacks.  You can send emails to you them but you might end up in their spam box.  You can SMS them if they’re willing to give you their cell phone number.

The problem with both of those methods is that once the user gives you their contact info they can’t really stop you from contacting them or giving away that information.  There’s a little bit they can do to filter things out but it’s not easy and it’s a pain.  And with SMS you and your users have to pay per message (yeah yeah, unlimited plans, I know but their still paying for it).

If only there was a way to get a message to them through a system that allowed them to modify their subscription later?  What if they could choose where and when to receive messages from you?

That’s where Notifo comes in.  Once your users have Notifo installed you can send them notifications that they can get as push notifications on their iPhone or Android phone.  They can also choose to get them on their Mac as Growl notifications.  They can set quiet hours, change the notification behaviors, set up their own WebHooks  and unsubscribe at any time.

The API is great and very easy to use.  For an example of something I built using it check out my Notifo plugin for OpenVBX and this presentation I created about it.

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