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Ok, not literally.  It’s a phrase that has made the rounds and, while it’s an unappetizing image, it makes sense.

So what do I mean?  I mean that I use OtherNum.com myself.  I have my cell phone setup to forward unanswered calls to my OtherNumber.

That number is 404.939.3968 by the way.

I used to forward those calls to Google Voice but I thought the best way to make sure my product works consistently and meets the needs of its user base is for me to be one of those users!

I have transcription enabled on my mailbox so I get a transcription included in the email containing my messages.  I also have more than just a mailbox attached to that number…

I can give that number out directly (like I just did…) and when people call it they hear a few options for things like leaving me a message, learning more about OtherNumber and then there is a special menu which contains things like the Conferencing system and will hold a great deal of future functionality.

If I call that number from my cell phone, I’m prompted to provide a PIN code so that I can listen to my own messages.

I could also add an option for someone to be connected to one of my other phone numbers.  In the future, I’ll be able to control that behavior with filters for things like Date/Time, Caller ID, call patterns (put certain frequent callers straight through to voicemail etc…) .

The best part is, since I’m using the system I’ll be the first person to get to use all the exciting new features!

There is some risk, in that if our system has issues or our new features don’t work as intended that I’ll feel that in a very real way by not getting messages or phone calls but that’s GREAT.  That helps me keep in touch with the actual experiences of our users and it motivates me to develop new features faster and build a more reliable service.

Other Examples of OtherNumber (the company) using OtherNum (the product) include our own company OtherNumber 404.631.6869
us using our own conferencing system to be hosting “Office Hours” and many more to come.

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